We’re a friendly bunch and we’d love you to join us for a session. Don’t worry if you’re rusty, you’ll pick it up and if you too shy to play in front of people and just want to come and have a listen, that’s OK too.

There’s a range of skill, ranging from about Grade 5 right through to professional players, but you do need to be able to read music score – not tab, sorry 😉 – if you want to participate in the ensemble playing.

Most of our sessions start with an hour of ensemble playing, led by a member of the group and then we give everyone a chance to play their latest or greatest piece, which is a great way to prepare yourself for public performance and get friendly feedback.

If you want to get in touch, feel free to comment below and one of the group will be in touch, or just show up at one of the sessions listed in the events. We meet at the Yorkshire College of Music and Drama.

Just so you know, everyone puts £5 in towards the society at each session to pay for room hire. Over the weeks we tend to build up a surplus which we use to fund events (like masterclasses) and concerts.